Audio Recording

Take your tracks to the next level with our advanced recording tools at Perks Place Recording Studio in Westlake Village, California. We use Pro Tools HD™ and our Soundcraft™ 24 channel console for all our multi-track recording, editing and mixing. At Perks Place we have a great selection of high quality microphones, and use high end mic pre's by Neve™, API™ and Focusrite™. Not to mention the great pre's in the Soundcraft console.

Signal Path

The tracks we record travel from microphones into Neve™, API™, Golden Age™ Project Pre 73™, Focusrite™ OctoPre, Focusrite ISA One™ pre-amps. Or we run straight through the analog console for that warm vintage sound. The analog signal generally finds it's way to the ADL™ Stereo Tube Compressor/Limiter,  dbx™ 160 compressors or straight into Pro Tools™. Using Pro Tools™ as our DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to capture all our recorded audio. For final mixing we use our outboard equipment and plug-ins from Waves™, including the V-Series, SSL, API, CLA and Soundtoys.

Recording Equipment

Mixing and Automated Audio Manipulation

Once tracks are recorded we mix through the analog Soundcraft™ console or in Pro Tools™.The tracks are played back through JBL™ studio monitors, Behringer™ studio subwoofer, or Avantone™ monitors. With Pro Tools™ we enjoy a wide range of editing and automation possibilities such as:

Time Stretching - Fade ins - Fade outs - Audio Cuts - Audio Copies - Audio Pastes - Fader Recalls - Audio Volume - Audio Panning

Automation is used to recall numerous adjustments from leveling, amount of effects, or eq adjustments just to name a few.

Sonic Space and Balance

After we record all your music tracks, we move to the next collaborative stage: track mixing. We take all the recorded tracks in mono, stereo, and auxiliary channels and send them to the stereo buss to be exported as a stereo .wav file. Our audio engineers focus on each track, making sure that every aural detail is tweaked to have sonic space and proper balance. This is where we use our expertise in audio leveling and panning within stereo fields, as well as equalization, compression, and effects.

Audio Track Effects

To further polish audio tracks, we adjust volume levels, plug-in parameters, and the length and amount of effects. Reverb and Delay are used to add a sense of space and depth to a mix. We also attenuate the stereo mix through master bus compression, equalization, and Multi-Maximizer's. Stereo tracks are exported as 44.1k 16Bit .wav files to be burned onto CD, or to be further equalized and maximized for commercial-grade mastering.