Perks Place West Recording Studio in Westlake Village, California, works with a wide range of world-class talents. Our audio recording professionals are very much sought-after by recording artists from a broad range of musical genres. Read our testimonials below to learn more about our services.

Chuck Johnson

“Perks place a studio with a vibe, comfortable and inspirational. Great sound, where you can capture the magic and the moment.”

Producer/Engineer/Mixer of Korn, Slipknot, AFI, Neil Young, Machinehead, Sepultura, Lenny White, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Soulfly

Karina Feld

"Nice studio! Terry is great to work with - they're my go to for voiceover and commercial/film needs in LA."

Actress and Independent Producer/CFO/co-owner at Fresh Patch

Rocio Marron

"Amazing engineers and sound at Perks Place. As a freelance musician, I've recorded at many of the top studios in Los Angeles and this studio is every  bit as capable. Super friendly owner and great team working there."

Violinist for The Grammy's, American Idol and The Voice

Edge of Paradise

"Perks Place is a top notch recording studio that has great energy and sound. With excellent gear and Terrence's expertise, you got all the tools to be inspired and create some magic!  We really enjoy recording here."  - Margarita Monet

Mike Himmel

"Perks Place West is an amazing facility staffed with knowledgeable people who are truly interested in the fine art of recording and capturing beautiful sonic moments in time. I've had the good fortune to have recorded at some of the best top shelf recording facilities out there. Perks is simply one of the best recording studios in the business bar none."

Guitarist, Producer, Videographer

Todd Leddon

"Perks PLace has helped me develop a sound like no other studio. They have the patience and experience to develop an amateur artist as well as polishing that perfect sound required by a tenured professional. Terry Watkin is an amazing drummer and is willing to craft his performance to perfection should you require percussion within your music. The studio has an excellent range of instrumentation and technology that is required to produce an outstanding product required to compete in today's music industry. Very reasonably priced as well!!"

David Kelly

"Perks Place Recording Studio rocks! I mean, serious atmospheric excellence from the lighting to the room of choice, delivering the perfect environment to harvest the best of your music. Perks Place has it!  Every time I schedule a session there it is always an excellent experience, from the comfortability factor due to environmental settings, the professionalism and efficiency of the tracking process making the whole experience a blast! I look forward to many more successful sessions there."

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